Find the Right Job

Which Sales Professionals will get the best positions?

Will it be the person whose resume is just one of over 25-million that is posted on a cluttered Internet job site?  Or, will it be the devoted employee who blindly stays with his or her current employer for too long?

There's another possibility... 

It could be the qualified candidate who has FISales represent them.  Your FISales consultant is aware of high-quality openings and is motivated to find the best position for you.

Put FISales to work on your behalf, today.  Here's why:

1. Expert Representation
- We specialize in Enterprise Application Software and have the contacts and knowledge to properly market your unique talents.

2. Ethical Representation
- We follow a strict Code of Ethics that ensures the     confidentiality and professionalism of the search.

3. No Risk
- There is no downside risk and incredible upside potential.

4. No Cost
- You never pay a fee to FISales.

We Do The Work

Because most qualified Sales Professionals are already traveling and/or working long hours, they do not have time to devote to performing a thorough search.  FISales will search the nation for the best opportunities for you while you continue to succeed in your present job.

As we get to know you, you will have a chance to describe your requirements and expectations.  Then, we will evaluate your background and experience and begin confidentially screening opportunities in order to zero-in on those best suited for you.  Your confidentiality is always protected until you give us the approval to submit your resume to a prospective employer.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.