FISales Search Process

1. Analyze Corporate Client's Needs

• Understand Company Culture
• Determine Qualifications and Responsibilities required
• Strategize on Candidates and Companies to Target
• Interview Current Top Performing Sales Professional

2. Map Out Opportunity Presentation to Prospective Candidates

• Internally discuss how to get the most qualified Candidates
  excited about job
• Develop Live and Voicemail Presentations
• Possibly Present to Corporate Client

3. Create Job Posting

• Secure Client Approval

4. Research Companies and Candidates

• Identify additional Companies with potential Candidates
• Communicate targeted Companies to Client for approval
• Identify Passive Candidates

5. In-Depth Candidate Reviews and Screenings

• Verify Earnings History
• Test Candidate's Background
• Test Candidate's Industry Experience & Knowledge
• Identify Candidate's Requirements

6. Present Qualified Candidates to Corporate Client

• Coordinate Scheduling of Interviews

7. Follow Up after Interview

• Debrief Candidates and Client
• Coordinate Next Steps

8. Handle Outstanding Issues

• Counteroffers and Negotiations

9. Follow Up Periodically with Candidate and Client